Pakistan: Choosing Between Democracy and Dictatorship ?

Pakistani Meltdown: Choosing Between Democracy and Dictatorship

CNP discussion with Hassan Abbas, Shuja Nawaz and Moeed Yusuf

Centre for National Policy, Washington DC,  February 7, 2012

The high stakes struggle for power between the civilian, military and intelligence institutions in Pakistan has significant implications for the future of US-Pakistani relations. CNP President Scott Bates and a panel of experts discussed what the constitutional crisis in Pakistan means for the war in Afghanistan, regional stability, nuclear security and the struggle against Al Qaeda.

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Anonymous said…
Keeping up democracy is the way to go. Democracy is dynamic that can steer Pakistan on way of progress and prosperity. Since last 65 years we have been playing havoc and made Pakistan a laboratory, where every day a new experiment is conducted, but no more now, we need only a strong democracy and nothing else. Corruption is always there and it is not unique to Pakistan alone. At least the electoral process gives people a chance to oust people from power. It is a process similar to sifting. It takes many years to mature. Pakistan’s military was propped up and strengthened by the cold war powers. Now the same powers are finding themselves in the opposite camp. In this scenario, Pakistan’s military does not have much muscle power to thrust its way through, like it did before. It managed to control the nation by pushing itself to the fore front of super power battles. Now that need is lost. Therefore Pakistan’s democracy has the best chance to grow and thrive. Mullahs and their political attempts have never succeeded in Pakistan. The voters have always rejected their overtures. Just keep at it. It will help the military go back to the barracks and submit to the civilian authority. And it will help come out of the unnecessary paranoia about neighbors.

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