America's Strategic Error ?

Pakistan has had enoughThe assumption that it has no choice but to obey America may turn out to be a dire strategic error
Simon Tisdall,,


U.S. Needs Pakistan To Attain Afghan Goals - NPR


Anonymous said…
I read about this senseless and tragic event with great heaviness. For myself, as an average American, I would like to say that I greatly regret the loss of Pakistani lives, and that I understand that no explanation can assuage the grief of the soldiers’ families, nor the anger of Pakistani pride and dignity. As much as anyone, I want to understand how this happened. If this was indeed a tragic accident, we must understand the root cause, correct it, and ensure that such an incident never occurs again. And if this was the result of negligence or malice, the culprits must be identified and held accountable. The anger and grief may yet be too raw, but I wish for greater understanding and respect on both sides. Pakistan is a great nation, with a bright future, and I wish the best for its people.

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