Rediscover Swat - By Madiha Ahmed

The Hidden Jewel
By Madiha Ahmed, madstickynotes

When I was applying, the internship’s job description said something about helping out with an on-going promotional campaign in Swat.

Um, what? Does anyone even go to Swat, anymore, except the people who live there?

I dismissed it as a theoretical effort. One of the many. I mean, everyone says that tourism needs to be promoted and militancy in that region needs to end and Talibanisation has wreaked havoc et cetera et cetera et cetera. But nothing is really done, is it?

*shrug shrug*

Boy, was I wrong!

Turns out that Firms is doing wonderful work for Swat and in Swat in order to rehabilitate an economy ravaged by floods and terrorism.

Am I saying that because I am now part of the project? Maybe.

But you should consider all the facts about the project before passing judgement on my motives…
Swat truly is a hidden jewel of Pakistan. It receives a lot of attention these days but it is only of the negative kind. The only other thing that people know is that it is the Paki Switzerland *pish*
What I know for a fact is that active steps have been taken to revive the hotels of the area, especially in post-flood times. And yes, I do mean revive. Proper attempt is being made to breathe new life into them. The troublesome area is the perception and it is only awareness that is lacking.

Enter Zindagi Hai Yahan – a small attempt to let everyone know that Swat is waiting to be rediscovered. Every time I see this video, I want to just get up and visit and see it all for myself right away. Not kidding.

How good is it? You’ll only know when you watch it. 2:38 is my favourite point.

Truly, the melody of life is (t)here. We should all go ‘un-hide’ it now.

For video, click here


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