Charlie Rose Show: Saleem Shazad's Murder and Pakistan's Security

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Charlie Rose show on June 1, 2011: Hassan Abbas, author of a new report, "Pakistan 2020: A Vision for Building a Better Future," Pir Zubair Shah of The New York Times and Shuja Nawaz of Atlantic Council discuss questions about Pakistan's security agencies and relations with the U.S.

For complete video of the interview, click here

Charlie Rose Preview: Abbas on Pakistan's Security - Bloomberg
Abbas on Charlie Rose: Saleem Shahzad 'Hurt' Pakistan's Military, Al Qaeda - by Shreeya Sinha, Asia Society Blog


farahshah said…
As a Pakistani i am very sad about Shaheed Saleem Shahzad's murder,many questions arises in my mind but there are no answers for one in our government is brave enough to answer the Nation!!!

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