New and Explosive Wikileak Disclosures on Pakistan via

Dawn Presents WikiLeaks' Pakistan Papers, May 2011

KARACHI: Trawling through the Pakistan Papers re-confirms much of what has been established since the first cache of US diplomatic cables was published last November.

The US is neither omnipotent nor omniscient — it often reacts to events in Pakistan rather than dictating outcomes. But the US is a very influential player in Pakistan.

If there is a theme as such in the 4,000-plus cables read by Dawn, it is the unparalleled access Americans enjoy in Pakistan.

Hardly surprising, though it is something else to see it in black and white, over and over again, in cable after cable.

The political class is seen perennially knocking on the doors of American officials to share information and vie for support.. And American officials appear to have open-door access at the highest echelons of political and military power in the country.
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