How to Reform Pakistan?

Read Asia Society's Study group report 'Pakistan 2020: A Vision for Building a Better Future' by clicking here

Media commentaries on the report:

Policy package to arrest Pakistan decline proposed - By Masood Haider, Dawn, May 19, 2011

US and Pakistani experts lay out road map to establish stability and civilian rule in Pakistan - AFP, Washington Post, May 18, 2011

Experts offer road map for Pakistan stability - By Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press, May 18, 2011

Pakistan must focus on internal woes: scholars - The News, May 18, 2011

Military Budget in Pakistan should be made transparent - By Ayesha Tanzeem, Voice of America (Urdu), May 18, 2011

New report on Pakistan calls for expanding civilian control over state institutions - Associated Press of Pakistan

Pakistan 2020: Don’t Give Up On Pakistan -, May 18
For more details including complete report, see: http://asiasociety/pakistan2020

Click here to watch the Asia Society launch event video - May 18, 2011 in NYC;

Click here for C-Span coverage of May 20 event at USIP in DC

Click here for VOA Urdu segment for Geo TV covering Asia Society launch event

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