Analysing Terrorist attack on Pakistan's Naval Headquarters

No more glory, izzat da tukkar please!
By Raza Rumi |
Pakistan’s only viable and efficient institution has been attacked. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has accepted the responsibility for intruding into well guarded naval and air force bases; and managed to destroy state of the art equipment – two PC3 Orion aircraft costing millions of dollars – in a long drawn out operation.

The nightmare is over now. At least 10 security officials have been martyred in line of their duty and according to the Interior Minister Rehman Malik, four terrorists have been killed. The facts are unclear and true to the non-transparent culture we are used to. However, Pakistan has been shaken once again at this huge security lapse. Thus far the naval leadership is not willing to accept that this is a security failure.

However, the public at large after the May 2 strike is not willing to accept the usual tale of intelligence failures and lapses. Given that no answers are being given on the nature, motive and details of these events the Pakistani mind – an indoctrinated house of conspiracy theories – has gone overboard in creating a new version of Arabian Nights.

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Anonymous said…
The condition of Pakistan is the most deplorable since the establishment in 1947. The biggest threat Pakistsn has faced in the last few decades in not but an an internal conflict.
The corrupt politicians have forced the public to lose confidence and all trust in the government. The ironic part would be the public turning a fresh page on the return of these criminals and welcoming them with open arms yet again. Factions upon factions being created everyday and the gap between working class falling to the needy increases yet day by day forcing the poor to seek for other means just to go on just another day. Then come these 'Men of God' providing salvation to the needy masses. Men whose teachings have never been heard before, parading under the cover of Islamic shariah and being the self-proclaimed men of the Prophet.
it us time to wake up and take control. these vigilantes are no Muslims and far from patriots. The sole responsibilty is if the government, the only fixed authority to reassure the people and restore their trust, for this little steping up by the guerillas will soon destabilize Pakistan so severly that internal hate will only leave it cracking apart.
The people need to take a stand against the government to at least let them know that the people of Pakistan are not some slaves or mules to earn from them and disregard their needs for their selfish benefits.

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