A Look at Muslim-American Immigrants

Strengthening Our Diversity

A Look at Muslim-American Immigrants
By Eleni Towns, Philippe Nassif, Centre for American Progress, February 17, 2011
America is home to a large and diverse immigrant population. The immigration debate usually focuses on Latino communities but the reality is more complex. Muslim-American communities, for instance, encounter their own sets of challenges that are both similar to and unique from other immigrant groups in the United States.

Muslim-American immigrants have taken a proactive approach to dealing with these problems. They are working with other immigrant groups and communities to create a dialogue around solutions and these efforts will ultimately make our country stronger and more diverse.

Muslim-American immigrants face common challenges with other immigrants

Muslim Americans are one of our most diverse and vital immigrant communities. They have come here from more than 100 nations and range from high-skilled professional and technical workers to service and factory workers in lower-paying jobs. By some estimates, 65 percent of Muslim Americans are immigrants, while one-fifth of those born here are second-generation Americans.

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