Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: Close Relations?

WikiLeaks: The Saudis' Close but Strained Ties with Pakistan
By Ishaan Tharoor, TIME, December 6, 2010

As Hassan Abbas, a professor of South Asian studies at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs, notes, the cables also illustrate where Saudi and U.S. interests in the region possibly diverge. "Saudi Arabia is a monarchy and not interested in seeing many Muslim countries going down the road of democracy," he says. An April 2009 cable claims the Saudis are fearful of a "Shi'a triangle" of hostile Shi'a-led governments in Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, while others depict the Saudis as desperate to counteract the growing clout of Turkey, another rising Muslim democracy. Whatever their differences, however, the WikiLeaks cables reveal a belief in Washington that Pakistan's road to salvation still winds through Riyadh.

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