US attempt to steal N-secrets was foiled in 1994-5: Former DG ISI

‘US attempt to steal N-secrets was foiled’
The News, August 01, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Former DG ISI Lieutenant General Javed Ashraf Qazi has disclosed that Pakistan had foiled an attempt of a CIA official to steal documents of Pakistan N-secrets with the help of a Pakistani military officer.
Talking to a private TV channel here on Saturday, the former ISI head said that in 1994-95 secret agencies had foiled a theft attempt of Pakistan’s nuclear secrets and arrested several CIA officials as well as a major.

Qazi said he was informed about such a case at that time when he was working as DG ISI. He said that the CIA officials and Pakistan Army major were immediately arrested in a covert operation. He said the major was court martialled while the CIA agents were deported from the country.

The former ISI chief said that Western secret agencies have a double standard about Pakistan. On the one side, they appreciate Pakistan’s role and on the other hand defame the ISI on the international level. He alleged that in the name of cooperation, Western secret agencies are trying to steal nuclear secrets.


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