Pakistan's Counter-terrorism coordinator steps down: A Setback

Counter-terrorism coordinator steps down
The Express Tribune, July 21, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The coordinator of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta), Tariq Pervez, has resigned over differences with his bosses on the status of the authority. Pervez wanted the prime minister to be the authority’s chairman and the four provincial chief ministers to be its members, a senior official told The Express Tribune on the condition of anonymity.

The resignation reads: “I tender my resignation due to personal and pressing circumstances,” the official said, adding that the authority was working under the interior ministry.

The official said that Pervez had submitted his proposals to his bosses in black and white – a move which they did “not appreciate”.

“The rejection of the proposals led Pervez to resign,” the official said, claiming that Pervez wanted to enhance his powers.

The authority, established in December last year, was supposed to come up with a feasible strategy to deal with the deteriorating law and order situation. Another source said that during the recent strategic dialogue round with the US, it was agreed that the Nacta and the US-based National Centre for Terrorism Control (NCTC) would work together to wage an effective anti-terrorism battle.

He said that the prime minister would appoint the next coordinator on a priority basis, so that it could work in collaboration with the NCTC.

The European Union had pledged 15 million euros for Nacta, which would serve as a research organisation, for which a legal cover was being framed.

He said the agency was supposed to have three wings – one to counter extremism, to be headed by an educationist or a journalist, another to counter terrorism, headed by a police officer and the third for research and analysis, headed by an eminent academician.


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