Harvard University award for Mir Ibrahim Rahman

Harvard University award for Mir Ibrahim Rahman of Jang/Geo Group
The News, July 18, 2010

Mir Ibrahim is first Muslim and second South Asian to get this highest award; he was conferred the Lucius N Littauer award earlier; also worked for the Harvard Appointments Committee; honoured to deliver speech at the graduation ceremony representing all students; teachers, students and their parents paid great tributes to Mir Ibrahim Rahman

WASHINGTON: Mir Ibrahim Rahman has joined the distinguished ranks of alumni awarded the Robert F Kennedy Public Service Award from Harvard University, one of the top centres of learning in the world.

Mir is the first Muslim and only the second individual from South Asia to have received this Award. The Award is considered the most prestigious honour for students of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and is presented to those who have not only made a mark in the past for their distinguished public service work but also excelled in this field during their educational career at the university. The committee that selects individuals to be honoured comprises senior professors of the institution.

Mir Ibrahim Rahman had earlier received the Lucius N Littauer award that is given to students who have made an outstanding contribution to the Kennedy School Community. Mir Ibrahim Rahman had represented his class at the Kennedy Student of Government, and during his tenure had organized a number of important seminars. He was a member of the Harvard South Asia Advisory Board Committee and was also one of the few students to get the opportunity to work for the Harvard Appointments Committee, which normally comprises only senior professors.

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