Ghazi Force: Vengeful new militant group emerges in Pakistan

Vengeful new militant group emerges in Pakistan
Dawn, July 1, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities now believe a dangerous new militant group, out to avenge a deadly army assault on a mosque in Islamabad three years ago, has carried out several major bombings in the capital previously blamed on the Taliban.

The emergence of the Ghazi Force was part of the outrage among many deeply religious Pakistani Muslims over the July 2007 attack by security forces against the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, a stronghold of militants.
The fierce attack, in which scores of young, heavily armed students died, inspired a new generation of militants.

These Pakistanis have turned against a government they felt has betrayed them and, to their dismay, backed the US role in neighboring Afghanistan.

The brief but bloody history of the Ghazi Force illustrates the unintended results of Pakistan's policy of promoting extremists to fight India in the disputed area of Kashmir.

That policy— which Pakistan denies it pursues —now threatens regional stability as the US and Pakistan's other Western partners pour billions of dollars into the country to stop the rise of militancy.

The new group is made up of relatives of students who died in the Red Mosque assault.

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