Proposal for Chief of Defence Staff office a non-starter: A Message from GHQ?

Proposal for Chief of Defence Staff office a non-starter: experts
The News, May 27, 2010
By Shakil Shaikh

ISLAMABAD: The civilian administration as well as the military establishment is as yet clueless about the proposal of creating the office of chief of the defence staff (CODS) by the government.

“We are ignorant about this idea, which seems to be a figment of imagination of some people who are not fully aware of the existing armed forces’ set-up,” a senior official told The News on Wednesday.

But one can presume that some naive elements did try to float the proposal of chief of the defence staff (CODS) similar to Britain, Australia, France and others. Five things are very important in this context: First, the government does not seem interested in creating a new office of the CODS in place of chairman joint chiefs of staff committee.
Had it been so, it would have put it in the 18th Amendment, as this subject is dealt with in Part XII (Miscellaneous) Chapter-2 Armed Forces and under proviso-c of Article 243 (2), which provides only four such appointments -- the chairman joint chiefs of staff committee, the chief of the army staff, the chief of the naval staff and the chief of the air staff with determination of their salaries and allowances.

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