Manhattan madness and Muslims: Connecticut Muslims' Responsible Reaction

Manhattan madness and Muslims
NAZIR KHAJA, Arab News, May 15, 2010

The recent New York City terrorist episode is yet another grim wake up call for the Muslims. It should not be ignored or dismissed by the Muslims as a random act of a confused individual who happens to be a Muslim or a Pakistani and that majority of the Muslims have nothing to do with such acts of terrorism. While the statement itself is accurate, yet more and more due to such acts by individuals who happen to be Muslims the perception of Islam by others is becoming for them a seeming reality. What seems more alarming is that in the more recent acts of terror, Muslims with higher levels of education and social interaction are implicated. This group includes those who are born in the West of émigré parents and also converts to Islam. The British last year arrested a group of young physicians who were planning terrorist action and the arrest of some of the converts who became radicalized and involved in the planning and carrying out such action serves to highlight the seriousness of the problem.

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E-mails paint Times Square suspect as frustrated Muslim - CNN


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