Afghanistan: From Ramping Up to the Exit Ramp

Afghanistan: From Ramping Up to the Exit Ramp
The Century Foundation & The UNA-USA Southern New York State Division
2/19/2010 United Nations Headquarters, New York

Hassan Abbas, Bernard Schwartz Fellow, Asia Society
Valentin Gatzinski, Director (NY), UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
Jeffrey Laurenti, The Century Foundation
Linda Fasulo (Moderator), UN Correspondent for NBC News

The panel examines prospects of the international efforts to assist Afghans in building a secure and peaceful society after nearly thirty years of civil war and political conflict. Hassan Abbas discusses the complicated regional context, including how the India-Pakistan rivalry continues to play out in Afghanistan and the prospects and methods for reconciliation with the Taliban. Century Foundation Fellow Jeffrey Laurenti adds perspective on the scope of the external and especially U.S. commitment to Afghanistan’s security, including the political dynamic of sustaining support for military deployments in the country. Valentin Gatzinksi stresses the importance of the international community’s long-term commitment to Afghanistan.
Afghanistan: From Ramping Up to the Exit Ramp highlights from Century Foundation on Vimeo.

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