Blogging from New Dehli: Asia Society's Conference at Taj Palace - March 18-20, 2010

Watandost Blogging from New Dehli:

Asia Society's 20th Asian Corporate Conference
Mar 18 -20, 2010Visit Conference Website:
Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

Following a sweeping victory in India's recent elections, the new Congress-led government has mandated that its main focus will be to address the global economic downturn and to boost the country's economic growth. With a reinforced prerogative to introduce new policies and push forward long-awaited reforms, India is well poised to accelerate its pace of growth of and capitalize on its robust economic potential. Amidst the global recession, the Indian economy has shown encouraging signs of revival, and international investors are demonstrating a reinvigorated interest in India. How will this giant address its critical challenges in order to truly emerge as a global leader?

Join government leaders, key decision-makers, and industry experts from the international and Indian business community to discuss how India will fulfill its optimistic economic forecasts while overcoming the extraordinary contradictions that still prevail—improving its economic and physical infrastructures, advancing requisite reforms, addressing prevalent yet growing inequities, and strengthening its important role in the region.


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