Securing South Waziristan

Securing South Waziristan could take a year: army
Dawn, January 21, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Securing and stabilising the Pakistani Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan in the northwest tribal belt will take between six months and a year, the chief military spokesman said Thursday.

Islamabad sent about 30,000 troops backed by fighter jets and helicopter gunships into battle in the lawless region bordering Afghanistan in October, and says they are making progress and militants are fleeing.

Military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told reporters it would take “between six months to a year to completely stabilise” South Waziristan, which was needed before security forces opened up any new fronts.

His comments came as visiting US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he planned to ask Pakistani leaders about plans to broaden their campaign to North Waziristan, which borders South Waziristan.

Abbas dismissed criticism that Pakistan had been slow to move against the Haqqani network said the CIA had failed to provide “actionable intelligence.

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