Panacea to solve present problems - Fakhruddin G Ebrahim

Panacea to solve present problems
The News, January 29, 2010
By Fakhruddin G Ebrahim

I am a beneficiary of Pakistan. Whatever I have achieved or acquired is because of Pakistan. Therefore, if I sound ‘Jazbati’ or upbeat, you will please excuse me.

There is a lot of despondency and despair visible in Pakistan and it is not without any basis. Most of the people I meet are deeply concerned and asked me what is happening and what is going to happen. The very fact that such a question is being put makes me unhappy.

Let me start from the beginning to understand the present. Constitution is the ‘ROOH of a nation’ and an independent Judiciary is its heart. It is the Constitution which ensures well being and fundamental basic rights of its people.

In a federation like Pakistan, where one unit is larger than three others combined together it is the Constitution that holds the country together. The vital importance of the Constitution cannot, therefore, be underestimated; we call it the basic law, the fundamental law - the mother of all institutions.

We wasted 26 long years before we gave the country its fundamental law, the basic law - the consensus 1973 Constitution. And prior to that we shot one prime minister who had played principal role in the creation of Pakistan; lost more than half the country without shedding even a silent tear and committed judicial murder of another prime minister ZAB, the author of 1973 Constitution.

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