Pakistan: Would-be suicide bomber flees militants

Would-be suicide bomber flees militants
The News, January 06, 2010
By Tahir Khan Azikhel

BATKHELA: A would-be suicide bomber managed to escape from the captivity of militants and reached home in Khattakay area of Malakand Agency on Tuesday. “I don’t want to kill innocent people in bomb blast,’’ said the 14-year-old Shah Hussain, son of Alam Khan, while talking to reporters at the Malakand Levies post.

He said that unidentified persons, in a black colour car, had kidnapped him last week and shifted him to an undisclosed location. The boy said the kidnappers administered him injection after which he fell unconscious, adding that he found himself in a strange place after regaining his senses.
“They tied me to a rope and did not provide me any food for four days,” Shah Hussain said while narrating his ordeal. He claimed that the militants asked him to become a suicide bomber to hit a specific target, but he refused. The boy said there was a woman who used to serve him food in the absence of the militants and added that she also helped him in his escape.


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