Brookings' Pakistan Index: Informative and Insightful

Pakistan Index: Tracking Variables of Reconstruction and Security
Jason H. Campbell and Michael O’Hanlon
Brookings Institution, December 3, 2009

The Pakistan Index is a statistical compilation of economic, public opinion and security data. This resource will provide updated and historical information on various data, including security, governance, quality of life, economic development, and job creation.

The index is designed to assemble the best possible quantitative indicators of the reconstruction and security efforts underway in Pakistan, to track them over time, and to offer an objective set of criteria for benchmarking performance. It serves as an in-depth, non-partisan assessment of U.S. and international efforts in Pakistan, and is based on data compiled primarily from government and non-government organizations, both in Pakistan and the United States. Although measurements of progress in any counterinsurgency effort – like that of the Pakistan-led and U.S.-supported strategy – can never be reduced to purely quantitative data, a comprehensive compilation of such information can provide a clearer picture and contribute to a healthier and better informed debate.

Michael O'Hanlon spearheads the Pakistan Index project at Brookings, with assistance from Senior Research Assistant Ian Livingston. O'Hanlon is director of research and senior fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings.

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