Peshawar Declaration against Terrorism - Deserves Recongnition and Appreciation

AIRRA, Dec 12 and 13 2009

A joint declaration by Civil Society and Anti terrorist political parties and groups was issued as “Peshawar declaration” after deliberations in a two-day conference held in Peshawar on Dec 12 and 13 2009.

1 All organizations attached with Amn Tehrik, AIRRA and political parties, i.e., ANP, PPP, PPP(S), PMAP, National Party, Awami Party Pakistan, PDC, and FRM participated in the conference.

2- It was unanimously agreed that the main and real factor behind the present chaos and instability in the region is the Strategic Depth policy of Pakistan. This is the root cause reason of terrorism in the region. Therefore, this forum strongly demands of the abolition of this policy and accountability of all architects of this policy because the policy has caused far more financial damage to Pakistan than NRO and debts waive-off put together. This policy is also responsible for killing and maiming millions of the innocent people in Pukhtunkwa and other parts of Pakistan.

3. This conference also demands in the strongest possible words that Pakistan must have to stop her policy of interference in Afghanistan and accept Afghanistan as a sovereign independent state in the region. The conference believes that this is in the interests of millions of people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

4. There are several political parties and groups in Pakistan which do not oppose terrorism unequivocally but are directly or indirectly involved to support terrorists in Pakistan and the region. This conference declares such pro-terrorist parties are the enemies of the Pashtun nation and humanity at large.

5. The conference demands that targeted and immediate operation against all centers and networks of terrorism should be initiated and the blunders of the past should not be repeated.

6. This conference also demands the elimination of all foreign, non-local and local terrorists in FATA (Federally Administrative Tribal Area). Damages should be compensated. A comprehensive developmental package should be commenced according to the wishes and aspirations of the people of FATA.

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mazdaki said…
Forward movement indeed.
The responsibility lies with the political leadership to articulate this loudly,clearly & repeatedly

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