China, US support improvement, and growth of Indo-Pak ties

China, US support improvement, and growth of Indo-Pak ties

* Joint statement also backs Pak-Afghan efforts to fight terrorism
Daily Times, November 18, 2009

BEIJING: China and the US support the efforts of Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight terrorism and Islamabad’s efforts to improve ties with New Delhi, a US-China joint statement said on Tuesday.

“The two sides welcomed all efforts conducive to peace, stability and development in South Asia. They support the efforts of Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight terrorism, maintain domestic stability and achieve sustainable economic and social development, and support the improvement and growth of relations between India and Pakistan,” said the joint statement.

“The two sides are ready to strengthen communication, dialogue and cooperation on issues related to South Asia and work together to promote peace, stability and development in that region,” it added.

Briefing reporters after talks between Chinese leaders and US President Barack Obama, Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister He Yafei said the two leaders discussed the situation in Afghanistan and regional and global challenges.

He said both sides agreed to enhance cooperation to address global challenges. Yafei said Washington stated that Afghan stability was the key to the security of the US.

He said both countries shared similar views on the fight against terrorism and agreed to step up cooperation in South Asia, including Afghanistan.

“There is nothing more I wish to say on specific cooperation between the two countries, the minister said, adding that, “But I think more cooperation on regional issues and more cooperation to fight terrorism serve the interest and benefit both countries.”

Earlier, US President Obama and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jinato addressed the media at the Great Hall of the People.

President Obama is paying a state visit to China from November 15-18 at the invitation of President Jintao.

The two presidents held in-depth, productive and candid discussions on the US-China relations and other issues of mutual interest.

Earlier on Monday, Obama pushed for an unshackled Internet and expanded political freedoms, seeking to get around China’s media curbs with a webcast town hall event in booming Shanghai. app

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