Police Reforms in Pakistan: PIPS Event in Islamabad

PIPS Events
Cooperation between Law Enforcement Agencies Can Make Counter-terrorism Strategies Effective
Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, July 23, 2009

“Efforts and strategies to counter insurgency and terrorism can be successful only when the local police and other law enforcement agencies will cooperate,” said Hassan Abbas, author of Pakistan’s Drift into Extremism, addressing a seminar on “Counter-Terrorism Strategy: Need for Police Reforms” on July 23, 2009 organized by the Pak Institute for peace Studies (PIPS), Islamabad at its premises.

Many of the police officers in Pakistan say that they have lack of infrastructure, motivation and resources. He said that military actions are failed to counter insurgency and terrorism always because primarily it is a task of law enforcement agencies and local police to file a case and monitor the suspected individuals’ activities. When these forces are sure that one is involved in a crime then the action should be taken.

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