Thousands demand justice over Kashmir rape, deaths

Thousands demand justice over Kashmir rape, deaths
Reuters, June 24, 2009

SRINAGAR (Reuters) - Thousands of people shouting "we want justice" marched in south Kashmir on Wednesday to protest against the rape and murder of two Muslim women, officials said.
The latest protest comes two days after authorities suspended four police officers and a forensic science official for allegedly destroying evidence while investigating the crimes against the women in May.

The deaths triggered massive anti-India demonstrations across Muslim-majority Kashmir valley.

Residents say the two women, aged 17 and 22, were abducted, raped and killed by security forces.

"We want freedom", the angry protesters shouted in Shopian in south Kashmir, where bodies of the two women were found on May 29. Anti-India protests have raged in the region since.

Two protesters have died and hundreds been injured in clashes with the police.

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