Indian bureaucracy ranked worst in Asia: Survey

Indian bureaucracy ranked worst in Asia: Survey
Times of India, June 2, 2009

SINGAPORE: Singapore's civil servants are the most efficient among their Asian peers, a business survey on 12 economies released on Wednesday
showed, but they tend to clam up unhelpfully when things go wrong.

India's "suffocating bureaucracy" was ranked the least-efficient by the survey, which said working with the country's civil servants was a "slow and painful" process.

"They are a power centre in their own right at both the national and state levels, and are extremely resistant to reform that affects them or the way they go about their duties," the report said.

Singapore was ranked first for a third time in a poll of 1,274 expatriates working in 12 North and South Asian nations on the efficiency of bureaucrats in those countries. The poll was last held in 2007.

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Anonymous said…
My father is a retired IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer in the Assam cadre. Having grown up seeing him and his colleagues at work at the District Commissioner, and State Secretariat level, I am not at all surprised by the conclusions of this report.
Inefficient, and corrupt is what the Indian bureaucracy is, both at the State Govt. and Central Govt.levels.

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