Taliban Vs. Pakistan

Editorial: Baitullah retaliates in Lahore
Daily Times, May 29, 2009

After the Taliban accepted responsibility late Wednesday night for the suicide-bombing of the Police Rescue-15 and ISI offices in Lahore, it is obvious that the Taliban are feeling the heat of the Swat Operation and want to show that the battle is joined on their side too. The Wednesday blast was a “hybrid” one, mixing the techniques employed in the Lahore FIA headquarters and the Manawan Police Training School cases. The explosive-laden vehicle was most probably targeting the ISI office in front of the Rescue-15 building. It was prevented from reaching its target and had to be exploded prematurely.

The Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief “Amir” Baitullah Mehsud believes in retaliation, and this time he was reacting to the beating his men in Swat are receiving from the Pakistan Army. There is news about the besieged 4,000 militants there, which must have upset him a great deal. The terrorists are trying to escape through routes not yet blocked by the Army, many of them with their beards shaved off. A number have been caught from the refugee camps after they were recognised by the refugees. Some of his best commanders have either been killed or taken prisoner. There are rumours that warlord Fazlullah himself could have been killed during the military operation.

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