Pakistan Police Needs Reform:

Pakistani Police Needs Reform
The Spectrum, April 30, 2009

Tad Trueblood has more than 20 years experience in the U.S. Air Force and the national security community. He lives in Santa Clara.

As deep thinkers and strategists, and lots of others, too, wrestle with what to do about Pakistan's slide into chaos, one potential approach being talked and written about lately is police reform. Last week, I mentioned a circuitous search that led me to a paper by Dr. Hassan Abbas on this topic. This week, let's keep exploring that trail. See info at www.thiscouldgetinter

In his recent study, "Police Reforms in Pakistan," Abbas makes the case that in any counterinsurgency fight - like the battle against Taliban, al-Qaida and other extremists in Pakistan's tribal regions - one of the keys for success is an effective and respected police force. Other researchers, and my own experience, agree with this.

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i have observed that talibans almost vanish upon the very start of an army operation. it might be their strategy or they might be no match for the power of Pakistan Army.

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