Tackling Terrorism in Lahore: Police Shows Resolve

Villagers block, police defeat terrorists
* 8 Villagers, policemen dance in celebration after siege ends
By Adnan Lodhi, Daily Times, March 31, 2009

LAHORE: When the terrorists attempted to escape from the scene after attacking the trainees at the Police Training School Manawan, armed villagers from nearby localities prevented their escape, locals told Daily Times.

They said the assailants intended to escape from the scene just like they did after the 3/3 Liberty terrorist attack. Villagers said they did not allow them to escape and forced them back into the school by opening indiscriminate fire on them.

Villagers: Muhammad Fazal, resident of Taiz Garh, said he was working in his fields when he heard the sound of consecutive blasts. He said the residents of the village reached the scene with their weapons and intercepted the terrorist attack. He said more than one dozen villagers were waiting for the terrorists to come out when they tried to climb over the wall to exit the building. He said consecutive firing on all walls of the school by the villagers prevented their escape and they hid themselves inside the building. Security Superintendent of Police (SP) Ahsan Younas said locals played a commendable role during the attack. He said he was unaware of how long the police took to reach the scene. After the siege was over, the villagers as well as the police officials celebrated. They all danced in jubilation. The villagers lifted the police commandos on their shoulders and celebrated.

The villagers and policemen also shouted slogans praising their resolve against terror.

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It was really neat to read that civilians are doing whatever they can to prevent future terrorist attacks that endanger the community. It goes to show that people really do join forces to ensure that these acts of violence cease.

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