Majority oppose governor’s rule, back restoration of Iftikhar: Poll

Majority oppose governor’s rule, back restoration of Iftikhar
The News, March 08, 2009
Poll shows most people including PPP voters against Sharifs’ disqualification, for lawyers’ movement
By Dr Ijaz Shafi Gilani

Long-term historical trends are hard to forecast and easier to explain through hindsight. For one, because while they are taking shape, the range of possibilities present many paths and often accidents help unfold the ultimate choice. Yet, it is interesting to discuss and deliberate on them as they appear on the horizon. In trying to give an assessment of the year after the February 2008 elections, I have poured through hundreds of pages of public opinion and events data for the period and come to notice an interesting trend. Those of us living in Pakistan are beginning to experience a weaker state but perhaps a stronger nation. The capability and authority of the government and by extension the state has faced serious setbacks. Alongside, however, the society is showing signs of greater cohesiveness through shared concerns and threat perceptions, as well as higher capability for social action resulting from a more vibrant civil society which is led somewhat amorphously by persons who are more numerous than in the past and come from a wider range of backgrounds and perspectives. At the same time, they appear to be men and women of higher ability and integrity than the Pakistani society has seen in the recent past.

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