Long March...

Long march
The News, March 15, 2009
Dr Farrukh Saleem

Governments have never been able to stop determined long marchers. Three hundred thousand Estonians did nothing but sing patriotic songs. Red Army's T-34 tanks couldn't stop Estonians from singing. Teargas, rubber batons, light shells, noise shells and water-jet cannons. The Soviet Armed Forces, arguably the second-most powerful on the face of the planet, couldn't keep these singing Estonians from what they wanted.

The Kyrgyzstani long-march, the Tulip Revolution, a country where mountain tulips bloom in spring, took less than a month. On March 18, 2005, Kyrgyzstanis staged a sit-in inside the governor's office in Jalalabad. The police tried a forced eviction but failed. In Bishkek, the capital, the police baton charged demonstrators and detained newspaper columnists and writers. But, to no avail. On April 4 President Askar Akayev signed his resignation.

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