Lahore Attack Investigations

Police widen hunt for 3/3 clues
* Four ‘prime suspects’ among 250 arrested across Punjab
* Suspect held in Karachi admits to involvement
* Two held from Rahimyar Khan
* Nigerians, Uzbeks and Afghans detained
Daily Times, March 5, 2009

LAHORE/KARACHI: Police widened the hunt for clues in Tuesday’s brazen attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, arresting 250 suspects in province-wide raids – four of which sources in the police said were prime suspects.

The four men included Muhammad Faisal, a brother of Muhammad Adil – the ‘mastermind’ of the attack – sources privy to the probe told Daily Times, adding that they were arrested during raids in Lahore by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA). Sources in the agency said Adil – who ran sports bikes business on the Outfall Road in Islampura – received a call from one of the attackers at about 9:05am. In the call intercepted by the police, the attacker asks the planner for instructions after the attack, and was told to go to a location near Islampura.

The police could not find Adil – he had left the residence registered with NADRA two years ago. The information could not be confirmed as senior investigators were not immediately available.

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