A 'Slightly' Different Take on Whats Happening in Pakistan Today!

The Great Game revisited
The News, February 19, 2009
Charles Ferndale

The Israeli army – which, despite Israel's veneer of democracy, actually runs that country -- has for some decades now pursued certain policies of direct relevance to Muslim countries in its vicinity. Amongst these countries are Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. First and foremost amongst these Israeli policies is the determination of that army to remain the pre-eminent military power in the region. And in order to retain its military hegemony, the Israeli army must necessarily prevent any Muslim country in the region from obtaining effective nuclear weapons. And if, like Pakistan, such a country already has nuclear weapons, then the Israelis believe it is essential to disable that country to the point where it ceases to operate as a nation militarily. Once we have understood the centrality of this policy to the Israeli army, then much of what has happened, and is happening, in the region falls into place.

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