Endgame is near ? - By Zaffar Abbas

Endgame is near? By Zaffar Abbas
22 Feb, 2009, Dawn

It’s not the endgame. Perhaps it cannot even be categorised as the beginning of the end. But the powerful salvo fired by a highly frustrated Nawaz Sharif towards Islamabad may change the course of events in the days to come. Already there are clear indications that the wedge between the Zardari government and Sharif-led opposition may soon take the form of an all-out confrontation.

In some ways it is vintage Pakistani politics, in which one year is too long a period in the life of an elected government, and destabilisation is the name of the game.

But then what has happened in the form of Nawaz Sharif’s outburst is also quite understandable.

The way some of the events unfolded in the last few weeks had in them many elements that were bound to alarm Sharif. The Sword of Damocles hanging over his head in the form of the disqualification case in the Supreme Court and the never-ending diatribe by a belligerent Punjab governor, were enough to convince him that his political career was being consciously undercut.

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