The Worst Pakistan Nightmare for Obama - David Sanger (NYT)

The Worst Pakistan Nightmare for Obama
David E. Sanger, New York Times, January 10, 2009

TO GET TO THE HEADQUARTERS of the Strategic Plans Division, the branch of the Pakistani government charged with keeping the country’s growing arsenal of nuclear weapons away from insurgents trying to overrun the country, you must drive down a rutted, debris-strewn road at the edge of the Islamabad airport, dodging stray dogs and piles of uncollected garbage. Just past a small traffic circle, a tan stone gateway is manned by a lone, bored-looking guard loosely holding a rusting rifle. The gateway marks the entry to Chaklala Garrison, an old British cantonment from the days when officers of the Raj escaped the heat of Delhi for the cooler hills on the approaches to Afghanistan. Pass under the archway, and the poverty and clamor of modern Pakistan disappear.

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Akhtar said…
read the article by David Sanger.The site he referred to is just an office.If he wants a taste of guards he should try going near the real facility.The idea of our facilities and weapons bieng left literally to "stray dogs" is ridiculous!Good link.We must give them the right perspective.Read my book "nuclear stalemate or conflaguration" or go to

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