Why was Gen. Durrani Dismissed?

PM felt left out, I got the axe: Durrani
The News, January 13, 2009
Opens his heart to The News; says Benazir promised to make him national security adviser; spurns allegation of working for US; explains his role in Gen Zia’s fateful visit to Bahawalpur
By Tariq Butt

ISLAMABAD: Sacked national security adviser Maj-Gen (retd) Mahmud Ali Durrani says he did not transgress the “official brief” while speaking on Ajmal Kasab’s nationality and believes that perhaps he was made a scapegoat.

He gave his side of the story in detail in an interview to The News, the first ever to any print or electronic media outlet, which took place at his Golf Road Rawalpindi residence on Monday. Probably, Durrani said, the prime minister felt “left out” in taking key decisions, and this might be a reason for his dismissal.

This implied that Gilani apparently feels irritated over the fact that it is the Presidency where all major decisions are being taken whereas it should be the prime minister’s office for such national business.

“The prime minister had every right and authority to send me home, but the way he did it was not nice although otherwise he is a fine gentleman. I wish him success,” Durrani said adding, “The way I was sacked ... I was painted as if I have committed a grave crime.”

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