The Story of Karbala: Imam Hussain and His Great Sacrifice

For Details about the tragedy of Karbala - Click on links below

Karbala and the Imam Husayn in Persian and Indo-Muslim literature By Annemarie Schimmel, Harvard University, Al-Serat, Vol XII (1986)
The Excellences of the Imam Husayn in Sunni Hadith Tradition by M. Ayoub, University of Toronto
Karbala, When The Skies Wept Blood - Documentary (Youtube Link)
Illustrated Story of Karbala from
The Tragedy of Kerbala: Imam Hussain's Martyrdom - from two leading credible sources
The Victory of Truth: The Life of Zaynab bint 'Ali by M H Bilgrami
Imam Husain And His Martyrdom - lecture by Abdullah Yusuf Ali (renowned translator and commentator on Holy Quran) - 1931

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Anonymous said…
Another excellent article on the subject:
Ashura and the Legacy of Imam Husain : By Sadullah Khan -

Thank you for posting these very informative articles - balanced, accurate and above any sectarian division.

Omar Tufail
Sohaib Ahmed said…
Informative Article thanks for sharing dear.
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