SETA Policy Brief: Turkey and the Palestinian Question

Policy Brief: Turkey and the Palestinian Question
SETA | Foundation for Political Economic and Social Research | January, 2009 | | Brief No: 27

Summary: The Palestinian question is a central issue at both the state and society level in Turkey. Thousands of Turkish people protested the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza this month in different parts of Turkey. Turkish PM Erdoğan responded to the Israeli action by labeling it an act of disrespect to Turkey and suspended Turkey’s facilitating role for indirect talks between Israel and Syria. Erdoğan also initiated an intensive diplomatic campaign at the regional and international levels, utilizing Turkey’s seat in the United Nations Security Council. Turkey calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and urges a compromise between rival Palestinian groups. Finally, the war on Gaza will have farreaching consequences for the future of the region as well as for Turkish-Israeli relations.

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