Pakistan's Economic Woes

Fat, pure fat
The News, January 04, 2009
by Dr Farrukh Saleem

The government of Pakistan is fat, so fat that all the excess body fat has now put Pakistan’s cardiovascular health in extreme danger. All that accumulated fat has attracted diabetes, osteoarthritis and may be even cancer. So fat, that the airway is obstructed, breathing interrupted. Neither exercise nor dietary control is the solution. The Government of Pakistan cannot do without surgery, Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery).

Imagine; the government owns and runs a Tomato Paste Plant and the Roti Corporation of Pakistan. There’s the Pakistan Stone Development Company, Pakistan Hunting and Sporting Arms Development Company, Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Development Company, Technology Commercialization Corporation of Pakistan, National Industrial Parks Development & Management Company, Technology Up-Gradation and Skill Development Company, National Productivity Organization, Implementation Tribunal for Newspaper Employees and Labor Market Information System and Analysis Unit. Our government spends millions of our tax rupees on each and every one of these but does anyone know what these high-sounding entities do?

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