Obama’s double hyphenation and Pakistan's "Blank Cheque" to China

INSIGHT: Obama’s double hyphenation — Ejaz Haider
Daily Times, January 24, 2009

Until now Pakistan could cite the obnoxious unilateralism of the Bush administration for creating difficulties for it and not allowing it to sell the counter-insurgency efforts to the public. Obama, by genuinely changing the approach, could deprive Pakistan of that argument

US President Barack Obama has appointed Richard Holbrooke as special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Holbrooke, a former US ambassador to the United Nations and broker of the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords which ended conflict in Bosnia, has had a long and distinguished career as diplomat, writer, academic and businessman.

The appointment has caused some consternation among analysts in Pakistan because it seems to hyphenate Pakistan and Afghanistan while leaving India out of the equation.

Is the apprehension justified?

Consider three main strands in Obama’s approach to the war on terror.

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