A turning point in South Asia — Asma Jahangir

Opinion: A turning point — Asma Jahangir
Daily Times, December 3, 2008

The recent Mumbai terror attacks should be the turning point. Governments of the region are challenged to support an open and transparent investigation in order to identify and prosecute the masterminds behind such carnage. They must have the moral courage to face the truth

The recent carnage in Mumbai is terrifying. Indians are entitled to be angry, hurt and disgusted. The government of India has alleged that initial evidence indicates that some of the terrorists came from a ‘neighbouring country’. Even though the prime minister of India has so far not accused the government of Pakistan of being directly involved in the attacks, it is apparent who the ‘neighbour’ is. The Pakistani foreign minister and others have so far reacted responsibly. To his credit, he admonished journalists who tried to downplay the tragedy or who shirked away any need for alarm.

Yet the media on both sides is full of jingoistic messages. Some Indians want revenge and even went so far as to urge their government to bomb Pakistan. A few voices in India have cautioned against a call for revenge and have suggested looking deeper into the failure of the security system in India itself. They are pushing for effective diplomacy to be deployed so that Pakistan’s rulers are encouraged to take action against those who are using their country as a launching pad for terrorist activities.

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