Pakistani neocons and UN sanctions

POSTCARD USA: Pakistani neocons and UN sanctions — Khalid Hasan
Daily Times, September 28, 2008

Like bullfrogs out after heavy summer rains, Pakistani cyberspace and the realm of the printed word are full of the croaking of neocons who have convinced the already ignorant that the Security Council sanctions against Jama’at-ud Dawa and certain individuals only came because Pakistani officials were either sleeping at the post or had conspired with the 15-member Security Council to let the axe fall.

These people are not interested in facts. They only have opinions.

One cybercon who answers to the name Ahmed Quraishi writes on December 24, “We have a government with shady characters in key places, strongly backed by the Bush administration, acting and behaving as if they were representing a US occupation government in Pakistan.” Under “recommendation”, he proposes, “We need to start a witch-hunt in Pakistan to cleanse our academia and public life of such self-haters and defeatists who poison the minds of young Pakistanis about their homeland. Such academics and human rights activists should not be allowed to hide behind the freedom of expression.”

The two “traitors” he refers to are Pervaiz Hoodbhoy and Asma Jehangir.

Then there is the Ann Coulter of Pakistan, Shireen Mazari, who writes, “Thanks to the pusillanimity shown by our leaders ever since the Mumbai acts of terrorism, Pakistan is being squeezed by so-called friends and foe alike.” She goes on to predict, “However, let there be no doubt that India is going to carry out surgical strikes, probably beginning with AJK. After all, the extraordinary and unscheduled Envoys Conference can only have been called to contain the diplomatic fallout of such strikes.”

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Munna said…
There is far greater possibility that Pakistan will self-destruct thanks to these neocons and armchair analysts. If considering that the net space is a fairly representative sample of the larger thinking in the country this indeed raises the probability of such an event.If it hadn't been for the army, Pakistan would have been at war egged on as it is by these neocons. However, better sense will prevail hopefully, after all, which pecuniary minded General (or for that matter Brig., colonel or Captain)would risk his "plots"(as in land holdings, both urban and farmlands) gathered in the course of an illustrious career.

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