Mumbai Attacks: Motivations, Context and Consequences

From: New York Times Blog
Mumbai Attacks: Motivations, Context and Consequences
By The New York Times, December 3, 2008
Hassan Abbas, a research fellow with the Project on Managing the Atom at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center, comments on the Mumbai terrorist attacks:

It is still a developing situation in terms of investigations and many of the ‘facts’ are yet to be substantiated. Potentially, the attacks were choreographed by a combination of different operatives - indigenous elements, support from regional militant groups and at least inspiration by global terror outfits. The targeting of Westerners and especially Jewish community clearly indicate involvement of groups with global agenda. Meanwhile, India accuses some militant groups that operate in and from Pakistan, while Pakistan denies any state-sponsored link. Some analysts also hint at possible links of terrorists with groups in Bangladesh and Afghanistan. India is justifiably angry at the carnage and Pakistan’s political leadership promises to fully cooperate in investigations "irrespective where it may lead to". South Asia bleeds in the process and people are saddened across frontiers in the region. The situation can lead to a India-Pakistan conflict, which terrorists apparantly aspired for but it also brings an opportunity for South Asian leaders to fight terror with renewed vigor and through genuine cooperation. The following articles by important writers provide useful insights about the range of interpretations and potential consequences of the deplorable terrorist attack:

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