Suicide attacks un-Islamic: A Group of Pakistani Religious Leaders Say

Suicide attacks un-Islamic, declares Jamiat Mashaikh Ahle Sunnat moot
Daily Times, November 3, 2008

LARKANA: The participants of Jamiat Mashaikh Ahle Sunnat Conference have declared suicide attacks ‘un-Islamic’. Custodians of more than 100 shrines across the country attended the conference on Sunday in Mashoori Sharif, 13 kilometres from Larkana. Haji Shafi Muhammad Mashoori and Hafiz Manzoor Mashoori, the custodian of Mashoori Sharif, hosted the conference, which condemned terrorism. The participants also condemned airstrikes in the Tribal Areas by foreign forces, and called for an immediate end to such incursions. They demanded the authorities arrest those involved in the 2006 Nishtar Park bombing in Karachi. They said it was their religious duty to preach Islamic values. They agreed to launch a countrywide campaign to strengthen the Jamiat’s network. Shafi Muhammad and Manzoor Mashoori said Dargah Mashoori Sharif was proud of holding such a huge conference. Mian Ejaz Ahmed (Data Ganj Bakhsh), Sarwat Ejaz Qadri (Sunni Tehreek Pakistan), Khalid Sultan (Sultan Baho), Syed Bahadur Ali Shah (Sibi) and Syed Tanveer Hussain attended the conference. Later, the nominations were made for the provincial heads of the Jamiat. app


Muskan said…
I'm an argentinian sociologist living in Middle East.I'm very interested on Pakistan situation. I traveled there twice and people, humble people, are really amaizing ones.
Thanks to share this news with others.Maybe this help some people to understand that religious men condemm violents acts .

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