Pakistan's Ex-Army Officers' Group Recommends Pakistan to Cut off NATO Supply Lines: How popular is this line of thinking?

Ex-Army Officers for cutting supply line to allied forces, expulsion of US Ambassador
Online News Agency, November 25, 2008

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society has demanded of the government to cut supply line of NATO and US forces based in Afghanistan and to raise the issue of violation of Pakistani territory by US drones on the platform of the United Nations.

Addressing a joint press conference here on Monday after a meeting of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society, former DG ISI General (retd) Asad Durrani and Admiral (retd) Fasih Bukhari have underlined that Pakistan is providing 90 percent logistic support to NATO Forces and it can be stopped.

The meeting of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society was attended by former DG ISI General (retd) Hameed Gul, General (retd) Saleem Haider, former Governor Gul Aurangziab, Brig (retd) Khalid Usman, Brig (retd) Khadim Hussain, Brig (retd) Slam Akhtar, Major (retd) Islam-ul-Haq, Captain (retd) Dr. Babar Zaheer-ud-Deen.

Former DG ISI General (retd) Asad Durrani and Admiral (retd) Fasih Bukhari while addressing in the press conference stated violation of Pakistani borders have been continued for the last seven years and the previous government taken the responsibilities of these attacks.

They opined that strong voice was expected from the incumbent democratic government by using the platform of the Parliament but it was disappointed that 29 airstrikes were carried out by the United States in the tenure of present government.

They infomrmed that the association is considering several options but we do not want to take any action on their own.

They urged the government to call back its ambassador from the United States and expel the US ambassador from the country and claimed that the step would stop violation of Pakistani areas. They criticised the briefing taken by some government officials from US Ambassador. They also criticized the visits of Generals of Pakistan Army to the United States and vice versa and demanded to stop these visits.

The Ex-Servicemen Society have also emphasized that Pakistan can demand compensation for loss of life in its tribal areas by moving to the International Community and US courts. They urged the government to take urgent measures for stopping violation of Pakistani borders instead of handing over sensitive issues to committees.

They demanded for discussing any secret deal between the government and the United States in the Parliament.

Talking on restoration of judiciary, the Ex-Servicemen society emphasized that it is vital to steer the country out of current financial crisis. They said that it is the constitutional responsibility of Army to follow the National Policy of the government, adding Army Chief should resign if he thinks that difficulties are being faced by him regarding performing his responsibilities.

They said that the Army Chief cannot start war of his own until clear directives from the government.

They informed the media men that the Society has written letters to the Prime Minister and the Speaker National Assembly but did not receive any response. The Society would publicize all the facts if did not get positives response of its panel report, they warned.


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