Defiant artists in Lahore say blasts can’t scare them

Defiant artists say blasts can’t scare them
The News, November 24, 2008
By our correspondent

LAHORE: “Come what may, we will continue this journey of love and peace and the unprecedented show of solidarity among the peace-loving artists of Pakistan and the rest of the world so that peace and love could be promoted among the people of the world.”

This was the statement of the artists, the organisers and the people at the World Performing Arts Festival at the Alhamra Cultural Complex here on Sunday evening. This message was conveyed at a special candlelight vigil held to express the sentiments of the artists and the participants of the festival in a collective response to the perpetrators of Saturday night’s bomb blasts.

In the message, the artists said: “We have been here from all over the world to receive the love and warmth of the people of Lahore for the last 10 days. It has been wonderful. There is no doubt about the fact that art connects people in a way that nothing else does.

“A festival of arts such as this celebrates and reiterates the enormous possibilities of human being to think of a new world, to love without prejudice and dissolve all barriers — political, religious and personal.

“The impulse to create art was the first impulse of humankind as art came into being before language, before religions, before systems of governance. “Creating art, therefore, is our direct relationship to the supreme and to sublime. “It is an act of compassion, faith and love for all artistes as well as audience who come to participate.”

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