School Burnings in FATA & NWFP

Taleban 'burn Pakistan schools'
More and more schools are being destroyed in Swat
BBC, August 5, 2008

Suspected pro-Taleban militants have burnt down three more girls' high schools in the Swat valley of north-west Pakistan, officials say.

Ten schools have been destroyed in the district in the last four days.

Nearly 70 state-run schools have been burnt down in the area in recent months, affecting over 17,000 students.

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OTHER MEDIA COVERAGE: According to GEO TV reporter Asim Ali Rana (August 5, 2008), Swat area has about 3000 schools, out of which 135 (mostly girls' schools) were destroyed/burnt/bombed in the last few months (mostly at night when no one was present in the schools). Resultantly, people are scared to send their kids to school and the school attendance has dropped down to 20% overall and below 5% in case of girl students.


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