Plight of the Bajaur Refugees

Uprooted civilians beg Pakistan, militants to talk
By NAHAL TOOSI – AP, August 23, 2008

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Some of the women were eating lunch, while others were busy making bread.

Then, the bombs fell like rain.

Pakistan's latest military offensive against Taliban-led insurgents in its northwest had reached 60-year-old Haya Bibi and her extended family. They soon abandoned their mud homes in the Bajur tribal region and joined an exodus of tens of thousands of civilians walking and driving across rugged terrain to escape a 17-day operation some now call a war.

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How about Parachanar? Pakistan's own Darfaur. Where hundreds and thousands of Shia Muslims are being slaughtered daily by the criminal Wahabi Taliban’s who are well financed by their Saudi masters.
Why West is so quiet about Parachanar, Shame on Western media who is just numb on Paracahanar massacre. Its time to react and bring stop genocide of Shias of Parachanar, Pakistan.

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