Pakistan to Honor Greg Mortenson - Author of 'Three Cups of Tea'

Pakistan to honour American who built 45 schools in NAs
By Khalid Hasan, Daily Times, August 18, 2008

WASHINGTON: The Pakistan government has decided to confer Sitara-e-Pakistan on Greg Mortenson, the American mountaineer who has built 45 schools in the Northern Areas to reciprocate the kindness he was shown by the locals after his failed attempt to climb K2.

Mortenson has also built 10 schools in Afghanistan. His book ‘Three Cups of Tea: one man’s mission to promote peace’, has become a bestseller. He decided to climb K2 to honour the memory of his sister Christa. As he recalled his failed attempt in his book, “After 78 days on the mountain, I did not quite reach the summit, and was exhausted, emaciated and emotionally spent. On the five-day way back to civilisation, I stumbled into a local village named Korphe, where the Balti villagers helped nurse me back to health. When I went to see the local school, I saw 84 children sitting in the dirt doing their school lessons. Most were writing with sticks in the dirt, and they shared only seven slate boards. Yet, despite abject poverty, I felt their fierce desire to have education, and saw their spirits soar. At that moment, I realised that I had not come to Pakistan to climb a mountain, but to help the children build a school to honour Christa.”

The decision to honour Mortenson comes in the wake of a column by this correspondent published in The Friday Times in June this year. The recommendation that the American philanthropist should be recognised for all that he had done for the children of Pakistan’s least developed area came from Federal Secretary GM Sikander who first learnt of what Mortenson had done from The Friday Times.

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Anonymous said…
Almighty God bless America-The USA. Most powerful man has gone and two richest persons/groups have come in power. The poor will become poorer and rich will be richer day by day because of the unique business of politics in Pakistan. President Musharraf handed over resignation to the chief of army staff in presence of other generals. Army act of Pakistan zindabad , Pakistan paindabad.For God sake, plan for creation of jobs and circulation of money to boost economy of the under developed country. And make sure the rule of law not the law of ruler.Hard working people of Pakistan can make this great country a wonderful place if justice is provided to the common man. All the best with lot of prayers to the Almighty GOD

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