Musharraf to Address the Nation Today Announcing his Resignation?

According to Pakistan media (Geo TV), President Pervez Musharraf will address the nation today (August 18, 2008) and after presenting his case will possibly announce resignation from office. He has decided for this option after getting assurances from Pakistan government that no charge-sheet against him will be issued and there will be no legal cases pursued against him afterwards. It is unlcear whether he will stay in Pakistan or leave the country. A story in The News claims that a Saudi plane has reached Islamabad to take Musharraf out of Pakistan after his resignation.

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Time to Go? A recent poll says 75 percent of Pakistanis have no confidence in Musharraf By Fasih Ahmed and Ron Moreau | Newsweek Web Exclusive; Aug 17, 2008

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is expected to resign Monday and fly into exile in Saudi Arabia, where he is to remain for the next three months, a former aide to the president has told NEWSWEEK on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. The aide added that the news had been relayed to the nation's top military brass, including its powerful corps commanders. Though a current aide to Musharraf confirms that the president will resign, officially, Musharraf's camp denies the story. "Your source is a liar," retired Maj. Gen. Rashid Qureshi, a presidential spokesman, told NEWSWEEK when asked about the president's resignation and possible flight into exile. "The information you have is absolutely untrue."

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